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Mrs. Donnea Ross is a Health Care Professional, Makeup Artist and Nail Technician who is passionate about beauty, loves creativity and desires to help others. Ross’ unique service background has allowed her to bring health and beauty together on one prolific platform. Donnea Ross holds a Doctorate Degree in Nail Technology, Master’s Degree in Nail Technology & Nail Instruction, Certification In Medical Nail Technology, Advanced Nail Technology and Aromatherapy. She is a Certified Medical Clinical Assistant, Certified Medical Administrator and a Certified Lay Diabetes Educator.


Mrs. Ross has strategically merged her skills as a Health Care Professional and Beauty Technician to launch a successful Beauty Business that is on the cutting edge of modern technology, utilizing the best health practices while meeting the service demands of clients. Ross is focused on safety first, service excellence, efficiency and client satisfaction. She works diligently to provide the best atmosphere, with the best quality products to render the best service to her clients. Ross’ goal is not to conceal illness, but to discover health and uncover beauty.   

Donnea Ross

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